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How to choose a hybrid commuter bike
How to choose a hybrid commuter bike
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How to choose a hybrid commuter bikeUpdated 7 months ago


The MTB style Hybrid bike is characterised by flat handlebars, a strong frame, 700c wheels with wider tyres, powerful brakes and a wide range of gears.

MTB-style Hybrid bikes also feature a more upright riding position which helps with visibility and is easier on your body when ridden every day.

The stronger frame on this setup comes in handy for larger riders or those who load up with additional weight in their panniers. It also means that if you plan to use the bike on weekends riding rail-trails or forest paths, you are ready to go.

Bikes from our popular Urban X range are examples of this type of bike.


The Road Bike style Hybrid commuter may have flat handlebars or drop bars, but will usually feature 700c wheels with narrower tyres (23c - 28c). As a reference, this 700c is the same diameter as a 29er MTB rim. This larger wheel size tends to roll over bumps and obstacles more smoothly (less rolling resistance) which means you roll faster and require less effort to maintain this higher speed. For this reason 700c is the typical choice for faster commuting and touring bikes.

The geometry on this type of Hybrid bike is more aggressive, which facilitates more power through the pedals but can take some getting used to if you ride every day. The lighter, thinner, stiffer frame may also transfer more road buzz through to the rider which is not as comfortable. Many Hybrid bikes of this style feature a carbon fork to offset this harshness in ride quality and reduce weight even further for a faster ride.

Our Osprey Flatbar is an example of this type of bike. Simply add a pannier rack and mudguards and hit the road!


Thanks to the booming interest around Cyclocross and Gravel racing, the key characteristics for the perfect commuter bike have been honed into a new class of machine – fast, tough, nimble and comfortable on rough roads. Welcome to All-Road / Gravel Grinder / Cyclocross bikes! Although these new bikes have a racing pedigree, they manage to strike a balance that makes them perfect all-conditions all-round commuters for most regular riders that also open up all sorts of options on the weekend (including racing).

Larger tyres for comfort, powerful disc brakes for control, lower bottom bracket for agility, strong and light frame for durability and speed. Check out this exciting new breed of bikes here.


Gearing varies with the intended purpose of commuter bikes. Looking at the crankset in particular, most commuter bikes come with either double or triple chainrings. Double chainrings are ideal for rapidly changing across the range of gears, such as dropping to a low gear to climb a hill. Double cranksets are great for faster endurance riding and mixed terrain.

Going with triple chainrings gives you even more range, with plenty of low-end gears. This is fantastic for more diverse commuting, touring or hill-climbing, especially with a loaded bike.


No matter which wheel size and frame style you’re looking at, commuters really benefit from a few key accessories such as pannier racks, mudguards and kickstands.All of our commuter oriented bikes feature rear rack mounts. This means that there’s a threaded lug at the top and the bottom of the chainstay that allows you to easily install a rear rack. A rear rack can be used to mount a pannier bag, basket or box.

Our Hybrid bikes also include mounts for mudguards which make riding in the rain (or when there’s water left on the road) much more comfortable and fun. When cycling in the rain, most of the water comes up from the ground rather than falling from the sky! Mudguards cut this out. They also keep mud and gunk from splashing into your chain and gears, keeping everything cleaner.

If you're building up a Commuter bike, don't forget to add lights, lock and pump to ensure your bike stays where you left it and you then get home safely.


If you can afford to step up to Hydarulic Disc brakes on a commuter bike - do it. No other platform offers a superior mix of power, fine control and all-conditions reliability. These are all characteristics that will pay in the long run, especially if you ride regularly and keep going even in the wet. Mechanical Disc brakes are also a good option and will perform well in adverse conditions.

Otherwise you should look for ‘dual pivot caliper brakes’ or ‘v-brakes’. These modern styles of brake are far more reliable, powerful and safe than traditional caliper brakes, while still being very easy to maintain and adjust. The ‘dual pivot caliper brakes’ are often found on road bike style commuters, but ‘v-brakes’ can also found on high quality commuter bikes intended for regular use. V-brake technology trickles down from mountain biking, where braking power is critical, so they’re a great option. With these brake styles though you will need to keep an eye on your pad wear and be ready to compensate for reduced performance in the wet/mud.

If you’d like some more information, give us a call or come into one of our stores for a warm welcome and friendly advice. In the meantime, check out our full range of urban and commuter bikes here.


For all new bikes we offer FREE servicing for 12 months, lifetime warranty on frame and forks and 2 years warranty on parts.

If you’d like some more information, give us a call or come into one of our stores for a warm welcome and friendly advice. In the meantime, check out our full range of Commuter Bikes.

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