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How to repair a punctured tube
How to repair a punctured tube
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How to Repair a Punctured TubePuncture kits come in two types: traditional (with glue) and self-adhesive.

Self-adhesive patches are quicker and more convenient to use at the roadside (ignore steps 5, 6, and 10 below), whereas patches with glue are more likely to provide a permanent repair.

To change/remove a punctured tube from your tyre, follow the steps in this help article - How To Fix a Flat Tyre (LINK).

To patch up a punctured tube using a repair kit so you can re-use it, follow the steps below:

  1. Locate the hole

If it’s not easy to see, inflate the tube a bit and immerse it in water and watch for bubbles to rise – it’s likely you’ll just have a tiny pinhole puncture.

Once you’ve found the hole, mark it with a big cross using a ballpoint pen. Make sure the cross is centred on the hole, and bigger than the patch you’re about to apply.

  1. Roughen the Inner Tube around the hole

Use the puncture kit’s sandpaper or metal scuffer to do this. The area you roughen should be bigger than the patch you’re applying to it. Whilst this will rub out the cross you’ve just drawn, you’ll still be able to see the outer edges.

  1. Apply a thin film of vulcanising solution

Spread the glue over an area that’s larger than the patch with your finger, and then leave it to dry for at least five minutes. Don’t do anything else until it’s totally dry – otherwise you won’t fix your puncture.

  1. Place the patch

Once you’ve peeled off the foil backing, apply the patch, making sure it’s centred over the hole. Press down firmly for a minute, and then remove the thin plastic sheet, being careful not to lift the edges of the patch.

  1. Inflate the tube

By inflating the tube, you can check the patch stretches with it. If there’s a hole under one edge of the patch, remove it and start again. You’ll need to roughen the tube more thoroughly, and let the vulcanising solution dry for longer.

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