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How to feel more comfortable when riding your bike
How to feel more comfortable when riding your bike
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How to feel more comfortable when riding your bike

If you’ve landed on this page you may benefit from watching our video on How to do a Quick Bike fit. LINK

There are a number of reasons you may feel uncomfortable when riding sometimes. If riding a bike is a new activity for you, it will take time for your body to get used to it (same as if you just started playing tennis or swimming). This also applies if you have just increased the frequency or intensity of your riding.

That said, let’s look at some of the areas you can consider to make bike riding more comfortable.

One thing to remember though is that all of the below tips matter more the harder/further you ride. Having a frame size that is a bit small won’t really be an issue if you’re just going to the shops to buy some milk. If you rode that bike in the Peaks Challenge though it would be a very different story.

The correct size frame

The first requirement is choosing the correct size bike. Bikes come in different frame sizes to suit different height riders. You can adjust for this by moving handlebars and raising the saddle, but if you ride a lot then the wrong size frame will always be the wrong size frame.

Choose the right saddle

Our Vintage bikes come with big, comfy saddles for relaxed rides. In much the same way as you enjoy relaxing on a comfy sofa, you wouldn’t do a full day of work sitting in one. Longer, more frequent rides require skinnier saddles that allow your limbs and blood to move around.

Bike seats are only intended to hold a rider’s sit bones and not their whole weight. They come with an unusual and slender shape that allows our lower limbs to move freely during cycling. Plus, your position and proper seat adjustment while biking also makes a huge difference in your comfort. Try some saddle types and play with heights and angles to find your ideal.

Incorrect saddle height and handlebar height/reach can also cause your weight to be poorly distributed or lead to excessive rocking in the saddle both of which can contribute to discomfort.

Female riders may benefit from choosing a Women’s Specific saddle with wider sit bones.

Set the correct handlebar position

Having the handlebars in the wrong position for you can also cause discomfort. You may notice yourself leaning too far forward or backward. This is caused by too high or low handlebars that may give you shorter or longer reach than necessary.

On Road, Gravel and Mountain Bikes it is also important to set the best angle. Play with this to find your sweet spot.


The right clothing will make your ride much more enjoyable. You can get away with jeans when riding to the local shops, but denim/cotton will rub and chafe over time (especially once you start to sweat). Cycling clothing is designed to be non-restrictive and to wick the moisture away from you. Cycling shorts (either knicks or baggy) include a foam chamois to provide excellent comfort on longer rides.

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