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How to Fit Mudguards to Vintage Deluxe
How to Fit Mudguards to Vintage Deluxe
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How to Fit Mudguards to Vintage Deluxe

Fitting the front mudguard to the Reid Vintage Deluxe model is a little different to the other Vintage bikes:

  1. In the little parts box you will find a 50mm bolt with a silver nyloc nut. This is used to secure the mudguard tab through the hole in the centre of the fork.

  2. The mudguard mounting tab should be clamped at the rear of the fork.

  3. Loosely fit the front mudguard and then fit the wheel to check the mudguard alignment and clearance with the wheel. If the mudguard is not centred, release the struts at the bottom and recentre the support around the mudguard. Reinsert the struts and tighten once happy.

  4. Centre the mudguard and tighten the main bolt using two 10mm size spanners.

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