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Road bike buying guide
Road bike buying guide
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Reid Cycles understand that there’s a huge amount of new bikes out there. Check out our road bike buying guide, and you’ll be able to buy with confidence. Road bikes are the peak of speed and efficiency. A road bike is defined as any bike designed primarily for riding as quickly and efficiently as possible on the road. If you’re interested in doing longer or faster rides on the road, a road bike may be the ideal choice. They typically feature a lightweight frame, 700c wheels (the larger wheel size) and slim, high-pressure tyres.

A road bike most often has the curved, drop-style racing handlebars, called drop bars, but recently road bikes with flat handlebars (similar to mountain bike handlebars) have become popular as they provide a more upright, commanding and comfortable riding position, making them ideal for fast commutes. Road bike designs vary depending on their expected use. There are relaxed touring bikes, aggressive road racing bikes, comfortable endurance bikes, aerodynamic time trial bikes, plus a range of more specialised bikes like cyclocross bikes.

Check out our buying guide for a more in depth guide on whether a Road bike is right for you.

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