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How to choose a WSD bike
How to choose a WSD bike
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Before we get into things to consider when choosing a WSD bike, it’s important to understand the typical physiological differences between male and female bodies.

For the most part, women are proportionally longer in the leg, and shorter in the torso, than the average man. Their sit-bones are wider-set, and their shoulders are narrower. On average, women are also shorter than men; a small men’s bike will, in many cases, still be too tall for a woman to comfortably handle.

So, with such differences in average physiology between the two genders, what does this translate to when we’re looking at WSD bike design?

Well, there’s two factors that come into play - the frame, and the components that are fitted to it, both serving an important role in fine-tuning a bike’s fit and making it more suitable for the average female rider.

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