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How to bed-in new disc brakes
How to bed-in new disc brakes
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How to Bed In New Disc Brakes

If your bike is new and you are not getting enough ‘bite’ or power in your braking system, it may simply be a matter of the brakes needing to ‘bed in’. This is just a matter of riding the bike for a while and using the brakes. This transfers a thin layer of the braking pad material to the surface of the rotor and aids in performance.

Bedding in new brake pads and/or rotors is really important to achieve their full potential. This also greatly reduces the chance of noisy brakes.

  1. Clean your rotors - Your rotor needs to be free from oils and contaminants. Clean it with brake cleaner and use a clean rag to get it spotless.

  2. Find a hill - You need to find a long gradual hill so you can do some braking from around 40 km/h.

  3. Get the brakes hot - Get some speed and apply light pressure for around five seconds and then gradually increase pressure until the bike stops. We are trying to build up some heat. Be mindful not to lock up the brakes here. Repeat the process 6 or so times.

The brake will feel more predictable and stronger as the heat causes some pad material to key to the rotor.

Your pads will now be quieter, wear more evenly and last longer with less vibration.

Remember to keep all oil/chain lube/WD40/degreaser away from your brakes!

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