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What is your warranty policy?
What is your warranty policy?
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What's Reid's warranty policy?

At Reid Cycles, reliability, quality and customer happiness are our top priorities. We want you to enjoy the bikes, parts, and accessories that you purchase from us so that you become an advocate for our brand.

To support this, we offer an industry-leading Warranty on every Reid Cycles bike we sell.

If there's ever an issue with any of our products, we'll bend over backwards to make sure that it's resolved quickly and positively.

What does the warranty include?

  • A lifetime Warranty on every Reid frame we sell (excluding our carbon fibre range)

  • A lifetime Warranty on all rigid forks (excluding our carbon fibre range)

  • A 2-year Warranty on all Carbon Fibre products, suspension forks, Shimano components and Mavic wheelsets

  • A 2-year Warranty on all other non-consumable components

  • For our eScooters, we offer a 1-year Warranty on any manufacturing issues/faults

  • Metropol Scooter Warranty - 1 year

  • For eBike components - 1 year or 5000kms (whichever comes first)

  • Commercial use is excluded from our warranty

Click here to view the fine print of our warranty policy.

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