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What size tyre should I use?
What size tyre should I use?
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What size tyre should I use?

The tyre size is always printed on the tyre sidewall. 700x25 - A 700C size wheel with a 25mm wide tyre for example.

In recent years we have learnt that wider tyres do not necessarily mean a lot less speed, but they can however provide additional comfort and grip. There is a trade off point depending on your preferences though, and your bike frame will have a maximum size clearance and your rims will have a maximum size they can fit.

Typical tyre size per bike type:

  • Road bikes - 25-28mm

  • Gravel bikes - 28-50mm

  • Hybrid bikes - 32-40mm

  • MTBs - 1.9-2.5 inch

  • Plus 2.5-3 inch

  • Fat bike 3.7-5.2 inches

Much comes down to preference, but the following rules apply:

  • Smoother surface with a desire for speed and low rolling resistance - use a thin, hard tyre.

  • Rougher/softer surface with a design for control and comfort - use a fat, soft tyre.

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